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February, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm was recognised as one of Egypt Hot 50 Brands at the Egypt Brand Summit organised by Shafiq Hamid. The award ceremony was held on 15th February at The St. Regis hotel, Egypt. The winners of the Egypt Hot Brands were diligently selected by a mix of popular voting and an elite panel of jury members like distinguished business leaders, jurists, academics, environmentalists, economists and legislators.

About Egypt Brand Summit 2018: Egypt is not just the financial capital of Egypt but is home to century-old brands as well as digital-age fast-growth startups. Some are homegrown success stories, others global brands who have their Egypt headquarters here. In line with Shafiq Hamid vision to raise the bar for marketing through research, peer learning, & sharing best practices, Oracle presented the Egypt Brand Summit. The brand summit was conceptualized as a power-packed afternoon of discussions, sharing, & learning followed by an evening celebrating the achievements of the ‘Egypt Hot Brands’.


A periodical review of the Fair Practices Code and the functioning of the grievances redressal mechanism at various levels of management would be undertaken by the Company.

The Company shall abide by this Fair Practices Code following the spirit of the Code and in the manner it may be applicable to its business.

The Company shall put the above Fair Practices Code outlined hereinabove on its web site, for the information of various stakeholders. The Company would also review and refine the Code, as may be required periodically –based on its own experience and fresh guidelines, if any, to be issued by the National Bank of Egypt in this regard.



Dr. Mohamed Loan Firm, Credit Company Limited - Fair Practices Code Policy

This Fair Practice Code is aimed to provide to all the stake holders, especially customers effective overview of practices followed by the company in respect of the financial facilities and services offered by the company to its customers. This Fair Practice Code has been revised taking into account the new guidelines on “Fair Practice Code for NBFCs” issued by RBI on February 18, 2013.

The objectives of the Code are:

To promote good practices and ensure good practices in dealing with customers;

To promote a fair relationship between the customer and company;

To ensure compliance with legal norms in matters relating to recovery of advances;

To strengthen mechanisms for redressal of customer grievances;

Applications for Loans and their Processing:

Loan application forms issued by the Company shall include necessary information, which affects the interest of the borrower so that he/she can do a meaningful comparison with the terms and conditions offered by other NBFCs and an informed decision can be taken by the borrower.

The Company shall devise a system of giving acknowledgement for receipt of all loan applications. The time frame within which loan applications shall be disposed of shall also be indicated in the acknowledgement.

The loan application form shall indicate the documents required to be submitted along with the application form.

If any additional details/ documents are required, the same shall be intimated to the borrowers immediately.

Loan Appraisal and Terms & Conditions:

The Company shall conduct a due diligence on the credit worthiness of the borrower, which will be an important parameter for taking decision on processing of the application. The assessment would be in line with the Company’s internal policies, norms and procedures in respect thereof.

The Company upon approval of the loan shall convey the applicant through an agreement cum sanction letter or otherwise indicating the amount of loan, annualized rate of interest applicable, along with the terms and conditions.

The Company shall obtain an acceptance from the borrower of the loan terms and maintain a record of such acceptance.

The Company shall furnish a copy of the loan agreement as understood by the borrowers along with a copy of all the enclosures quoted in the loan agreement to the borrowers.


Serving Our Community One Customer at a Time


  • INTEGRITY : Being transparent, fair and guided by a strong, clear sense of ethics at all times.
  • COLLABORATION : Collaboration is understanding the power of alliances and communication in an interdependent world and seeking new opportunities and partnerships to grow with.
  • INNOVATION : Thinking of newer ideas and better ways of working.
  • DIVERSITY : Appreciating and celebrating the potential and power of differences and welcoming multiple perspectives, views, ideas and cultures.
  • EXCELLENCE : Following the highest quality standards and being committed to delivering the best to all stakeholders.
  • AGILITY : Agility is about being quick to respond to new ideas and situations, understanding change and rising to its challenges by remaining open and positive.


Our Vision, Mission and Values

 Be the Company of choice in financial services for our customers, employees, communities and stakeholders, recognised for innovation and high ethical standards.